I ** of while my wife poops

My wife has been on medication for years that makes her ** drive very low. For at least 3 years now we have pretty much stopped having **. When we first stopped having ** it was really ** me but we found a creative solution. My wife poops a lot and I have developed a kink for watching her go over the years. She looks so hot to me while she’s sitting on the toilet flaring her little nostrils to push out a big dump. Instead of **, she just lets me ** while I watch her take a dump and she basically ignores me and stares at her phone. I love it. I love it more than **. I just love stroking it while she pushes and fills the bathroom with her sweet stink and I hear her grunts, her farts, her dumps crackling as the slide out of her hole, and the lovely plop it makes when it drops. I know I’m gross for this but she still loves me so that’s all that matters. I would never admit this to anyone I know in real life, and she wouldn’t either. It’s our stinky little secret. I also get her to ** in my face once in a while but she’d rather just ** for me which I’m more than okay with 💩 🚽 👩 🍆 💦

Jul 30

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