So Good, Yet So Bad...

I got involved in a three way because it was on my bucket list. I grew up in a Christian home and was in a monogamous 10 year marriage. Call it rebellion-I don’t know, but it was on my bucket list. I’m an attractive,passionate, and intelligent divorcee. The couple I got involved with weren’t really my type physically. After having s** with them, it really didn’t matter what they looked like. We’ve been getting together often… My confession is that I go because of the husband. He’s so good in bed. The wife has terrible hygiene. She’s a know -it-all that tries teaching you something…that you already know. Frankly she gets on my damn nerves. I put up with her because of him. I’m no home wrecker, nor am I trying to take him from her…but I only want him. I never touch her, and I cringe when she touches me. She smells like KY jelly and is always talking about one of her dozens of ailments. He and I had a major make out session and forgot she was in the room. He tried penetrating me without a condom as she slept. He cuddles with me, and pushed her off of him to be with me. I’m leaving the sexual relationship with them. I don’t want to cause confusion, or continue to put up with her. He and I really want each other! They don't want me to break it off? What do I do? Should I be honest?

Apr 4, 2015

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  • I think you should be honest.

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