My Wife is turning me into a fat guy

When we got married about two years ago, I was about 160 lbs, and had been for years. Since the wedding my wife has really focused on making sure I’m well fed, and In just a couple years I’ve gained over 30 pounds! I’ve tried to diet more than once, and i work out a little bit, but my willpower is low and she constantly makes pasta or wants to order takeout or pizza.

When I bring up my weight gain she says it’s cute and changes the subject. She’s gotten a little chubbier too, but not nearly as much as me.

It’s gotten to a point where I’ve had to upgrade clothing sizes , and friends/family/coworkers have started to comment .

I’m a little embarrassed but also kind of like how it feels. I’ve never been even a little chubby before so it’s a totally new feeling for me.

Whenever I see really big guys in public I wonder if I’m destined to blow up as big as them. It doesn’t seem possible to become really fat, but with the rate things are going and my wife constantly feeding me it seems inevitable.

Aug 1

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  • I’m jealous of you for sure as I’ve told my wife, who is a great cook, to fatten me up. Part of me though is concerned like you in the comments from coworkers, family, etc.

  • She’s probably trying to make you feel inferior. Watch that girl!

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