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Date 8/3/23

So me being raised by a very religious mom and dad, I’ve grown up believing in pretty much everything and anything you can think of. I’ve seen a lot of horrifying things when it comes to paranormal. But today me, my boyfriend and my 1 year old son took a trip to Walmart because I just got paid. Fast forward on our way back, it was pretty normal. We live at an apartment complex, so we park all the way in the back of the complex so not many people even go back there. So we parked and my asked my boyfriend if he could carry our son in because he’s so heavy and I could get the bags. He was like okay I guess I can. I said cool and we got out. I went to the back of the truck and i had to open get in the bed to get the bags (someone shot out our back window a week prior to this that’s why I had to crawl back there) so I’m gathering up the bags and I hear my boyfriend say “hey you need help with that?” I tell him not I got the bags but might need help with the boxes and stuff. I could see him through the other window of the hatch back and we were just talking, I was going on and on bout how at it is. I don’t remember hearing a door close but right as I’m crawling out of the back of the truck with the bags, I see him standing there. So I said ** babe these bags are heavy I only have a few more to go tho. Right as I’m saying that I look over to the side of the truck and my boyfriend is not there. Nobody is there. Within a two second period of turning and looking over he was gone. I didn’t see him walking down the steps or even see him go into the apartment building. So I’m literally standing there like who was I just talking too? And who did I just see standing here? It looked exactly like my boyfriend and sounded like him too. So after I minute I walked down the flight of stairs into the apartment and I get to out for and it locked. I can here my boyfriend talking to our roommate from outside the door so I start knocking and knocking but nobody is answering. Everything I found my keys and opened the door. I saw my boyfriend coming out of our room with just boxers on talking to our roommate and my son is playing around on the floor. I stood there shocked and o told them both what happened. My boyfriend said right as I got out of the truck he grabbed our son and went right into the apartment, he wasn’t talking to me at all outside and he didn’t lock the door behind him neither did my roommate. We were all freaked out. Like who I was seeing and talking too and who locked me out of my apartment??????? It’s so freaky and creepy. My boyfriend said a skinwalker, my roommate was saying “ that’s some conjuring **”. And I’m still shocked in disbelief I even witnessed it. So yea there you go. I went about my day afterwards.

Aug 4

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