Boy felt up at work

I work in a supermarket 1 day I was filling the fridge a customer came up I went to move out of the way so she could get what she wanted but she said don't I'll go around you so I keep filling the shelf next thing I feel a hand on my bottom and then I felt a hand down the front of my underwear holding my **.

Aug 5

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  • When I was 19 year old boy I work in a supermarket chain 1 day I get ask to work at a store about 2 hours from were I lived they would pay the the hotel for the 2weeks I work they I said yeah.I get told I would be starting at 9am the first day and to all ways wear a belt I never need at my store because I hate them.I get they work the first week thinking I have only seen 2 man over week.The second week I start at 1pm and work to 10 but at I was the man left working the 2nd last night there I'm filling the fridge and I woman stick her hand down my pant and grab my ** I'm like ok my belt broke at the time.The next day I start work I had no belt to wear and my jeans are a bit loose but I just start working I bent over to fill the freezer and the girls see that I have no belt and jeans are loose so 1 of them comes over and pulls them down so everyone working the freezer saw my in my yellow underwear.Later in the night when I have finished I get called to the deli because the girls in there couldn't open the drain in the bottom of the chicken oven I Bend over & stick my hand in to open the drain then I feel my jeans been pull down I go to grab them but the 2 girls grab my hands and tie them together and to the hand rail then they take my jeans off and cut my shirt off leave me ** in my yellow underwear then there grab a bottle of chocolate sauce pour it on my chest and lick it off then there pull down my underwear wrap my ** with ham and chocolate sauce and stick it off at that time I came everywhere then it's 11 when they untie me & let me leave I put my jeans back on & going back to the hotel and I never told anyone because I was embarrassed.

  • I all so work in a supermarket.At work we wear blue shirt and jeans.
    I'm a 16 year old boy who 1 day was asked to help an older woman to take her groceries to her car.That day I was wearing jeans which are a little bit to lose we are walking to the car and I can feel them starting to move lower and lower but I just don't take any notice of them by the time we get to the car the jeans are halfway down my bottom so you could see my underwear which are red with bananas on them but I still haven't taken notice of them she opens the boot and asks if I can load the groceries into it I grabbed the first bag bent over to put it in the boot and then the next one to they was only 2 left She then drop her keys as I bent over to pick them up my jeans fill to the ground the woman put her foot on them so I couldn't pull them up and said put the last 2 bags in her boot I did but as I was leaning over to put them in a felt her hand go in the front of underwear and grab my ** pulling it into it get big.After she leave I back to the shop and said nothing because I was so embarrassed.

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