Wife caught me...

My wife came home early yesterday afternoon to find me on my knees sucking a guy off. She didn't say a word. Just walked into the room sat down and watched. Guy got turned on and came within seconds filling my mouth and covering my face. When the guy left, my wife said she's been wanting to see something like that for years. And had she known, she would have let me do things like this with her whenever I wanted. Total relationship goal.

Oct 7

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  • Lucky man. Most husbands would love to have such an understanding wife.

  • YES. Perfect A loving wife and a lot of c*** and c**. Its only a matter of time when she will want strange c*** if she hasnt already. Hope you encourage her.

  • That is Messed Up Man

  • My wife would freak out if she came home and found me sucking a guy.. for the sole reason that she loves to share a nice c*** with me.. We are into wife swapping and I love my wife for being the hot b**** that she is

  • I secretly captured all the action and uploaded on for the whole world to see:

  • I heard women like to see men on men s** just like we like seeing women on women.

  • You forgot to start this piece of fiction with 'once upon a time'

    Nice fantasy though.

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