i am a 21 year old mother and i just

i am a 21 year old mother and i just got divirced in august of 2005 and i am alresdy seeking another relationship. i feel bad about this because i still love the one i divorced, but i can't be with him. any advise??

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  • We all have a conscience for a reason and you know your conscience is telling you that divorcing him was not the answer. Do not pursue a new relationship. Try your best with the first one. Marriage is a holy covenant made in front of God who is the ONE you seek thru bad times. Do the right thing hun. there's still achance for you to make it right.

  • Stop being so codependent! Work on yourself, and worry about making your child's life better! Stop being a selfish lonely sap, and quit trying to rebound to another relationship! Get a life!

  • hey you will always love your frist love but there will come a time when you are no longer in love with that person but you will always love them thats just a part of true love you will move on and find someone who is right for you and love them it wont be the same thou you love everybody differently

  • No, I don't believe feelings are ever wrong. It's what you decide to do with those feelings that count. I believe you when you say that your daughter comes first in your life; you hang on to that. Our children learn from us and pass it down to their children. But maybe before you jump into a new relationship it might be wise to discover yourself first. You are still very young, and don't take that wrong, maybe I can get away with saying that because I have seen a lot of life. I understand that you miss having that very close relationship, but it didn't work out, and you might want to take the time to think about why. Because I know you don't want to travel that very painful road again. I think that you are a perceptive young woman to ask yourself these questions, so I believe that you have what it takes to give it all more thought and learn and move on from this point into a brighter world for yourself and your daughter.

  • i'm not going to jump into a relationship unless i know for sure that they are good enough for my daughter. she comes first in my life. i just feel like i need someone there in that way. i was just curious if i should feel wrong for wanting to date so soon?

  • Are you really seeking a relationship? Or are you just lonely? You can fill the void without having to find a significant other right now. Ignore comment writer #4, an obvious cold hearted idiot who doesn't realize that a lot of people blog and bulletin without capitals and whatnot.

  • You should learn how to write before putting your stupid self in front of the world. "I" is always capitolized. The first word of a sentence is as well. Stay with the jerkl...you deserve each other.

  • Nothing wrong to love somebody but make sure your kid does not suffer because of this.Praveen

  • make sure you are making the right decision because your kid growing up between homes could really f*** him/her up

  • take some time for yourself!!

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