Pastor Todd

I’ve been in love with my pastor for like ten years. I keep thinking it will pass with time. It hasn’t. Please advise (other than leaving the church) what I should do. Strategies not to think of him?

Nov 20, 2020

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  • Make a confession to him. And see his reaction and seek his advice. It might turn out something good!

  • Leave and forget about him! You are subconsciously doing the right thing! Now act on it!!!!

  • You got to f*** him.

    My associate pastor and his wife had difficulty getting pregnant. His wife learned that my hubby and I got pregnant easily. She asked how we do it. We decided to get my hubby a little drunk then have her watch us f***. Well we got him drunk and in the bedroom. Next thing I knew she was all over his c*** worshiping it saying it was sooo big. She ended up pregnant

    Our pastor found out and confronted me. Thinking that his wife initiated it without my knowledge. I played along. We held eachother and ended up getting to know each other “biblically”. He was so cute. So young and eager (just out of seminary) and I’m in my late 40’s. His c*** was little so cute but little. No wonder why he couldn’t get the job done (get his wife pregnant).

    Anyway we have enjoyed each other ever since. I never had a*** till the reverend did me back there. His little c*** feels good there. He does my p**** as well but I have to fake it as it just doesn’t get the job done. But he loves it when I suck him off. His little c*** is so much more fun to suck than my hubby’s 8 inch d***

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