I am a guy with a p**** of 4inches erect which falls way below the average of 6inches erect. I feel so small that i refuse to use the toilet if there are people beside me. I feel so small and ashamed. pls Advise.

Feb 23, 2011

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  • Let me suck it I love sucking c***

  • I am a girl who has had a boy friend with a small p****. Stop focusing on the size so much and just enjoy your partner. Believe me girls say they love big c****, but the size doesn't matter. it is what you do with it. As for in comparison to other men, they may have big c**** but that keeps them in bed s******* all day and leaving them with half a brain!

  • Doesn't matter in the slightest, as long as you can use it.

  • Hey you can try using that thing that is like a weight attached to your p**** which makes it longer if you use it for a period of tme...

  • DUDE!!, Dont be so neg.,I'm in my forties-I'mm over 6'4" tall w/ size 13 EE feet- and I'm only 4 1/2". I've found going the other way has been fantastic for me! by that I mean - be proud of your little d***! I've been laughed at in ever situation there is!! and yes by girls I'm trying to sleep with and anytime i go into a locker room.
    Yes, sometimes I've had them just flat out laugh and leave, but not very often. Most times it ends up in this big all revolving around my tiny d***-what more could you ask!!
    use it to your advantage!,have fun with it -at least she'll be having a good time! and thats what she's going to remember...... good luck and ENJOY!!!

  • Im a guy, and though (or so I'm told) i dont have this problem, I think it's best that you look into some male enhancement when the time is right! But don't hide the truth! Tell them after, or if you feel more comfortable with it, before s**.

    Advice from: 16 year old male.
    -There are mature teens in this world. It's true.

  • Uh, lad, I'm a 37 yo male packing eight inches. I lost a dozen good girlfriends because as my last girlfriend before my wife used to say, "It's like F***ing a pop can."

    Moreover, I'm friends with one of my ex's and her husband. He's small, my wife, says my ex says, "five inches". And she says it's the best s** of her life. We've been frank about it. She said, my oral skills were great, but coming at me with that 'rhino horn' was a damn turn off.

    Even my wife of 9 years says, it takes some getting used to. And she's 5'10'' and 165lbs. Moreover, the couple of girls I dated that liked my quote "big c***" were into pain!

    Look for a girl that likes you the way your are OP.

  • Yea I agree a big one take's getting used to.

  • I'm going to assume you're a straight man.

    I'm a woman. For what it's worth, I'm sure I'm not the only woman who doesn't give a damn how big it is. Obsession over p**** size seems to be a guy thing, and I don't understand it. How large your junk is has nothing to do with how much of a man you are.

    There are some who assume that larger penises give women more pleasure during intercourse. I'll admit that I haven't slept with very many different partners, but this has not been my experience, and I've heard similar things from many other women. In fact, intercourse, for most women, is A LOT less important than manual and oral stimulation. The majority of women can't o***** through penetrative s** alone, regardless of the guy's size. My point is that it really isn't that important, at least to women.

    That said, if some other guy has a problem with your p**** size, that's his problem. To h*** with him!

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