My darkest fantasy

Imagine Christopher Walken.

Completely naked... skin flushed, covered in sweat. His sweet lips parted slightly.

He lounges on a red, velvety couch... and slowly, seductively, spreads his long, shapely legs, exposing his man present to your hungry eyes.

His 12" c*** and nipples become erect as he lets out a needy whimper. You just watch and drink it all in- his pale, milky skin, his eerily beautiful stare- and with a rush of excitement you realize his whole body is indeed the body of perfection.

This whole time he's been staring straight at you, eyes unblinking and unmoving. Suddenly, he arches his back and begins to stroke himself alluringly as he says in a soft, seductive tone...

"Needs more cowbell

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  • I didn't even read the rest of this post so I'll just say this:

    To the real Christopher Walken, I feel so SOOOO sorry for you man! Wow, this just sucks. I'd hate to be a celebrity. I hope you don't get this crud ALL the time. Still, probably best to lock the doors tonight, (I would after reading this post!) OK? ^_~

  • o_O

  • ill take my clothes off. it will be shameless. everyone knows that's how you get famous.

  • ^12" with his new bionic spinning head attachment.

  • ^gloria estefan *shivers*glad to be of service teeheehee XP

  • This whole thing with Walken is more than scary. It's getting creepy now.

  • buck angel struts over and sits his bare ass on the edge of said couch \\"i got you cowbell\\" and with a wink and a smile grabs walken's pant snake and starts stroking deftly. miami sound machine -under a latin moon is playing softly in the background and buck can sure carry a tune. they stare deeply into eachother's eyes. this isn't just s**, but unbridled passion driven by l*** unheard of. walken can take no more of this. he forces buck on his back, his p**** dripping wet drenching everything as walken teases his sweet little bud. bucks manly grunts and moans all but dwarf gloria estefan in the background . he screams \\"i want that d*** walken!\\" walken rams all 12 inches deep inside buck's creamy cavern. buck grunts \\"F*** that's deep man!\\" two sets of man hips grinding to a frenzy. Walken pulls out and nuts all over buck's restructured passable chest, licks it off and they share a long slurpy angel kiss. they spoon together exhausted and spent on walken's couch. Walken, with buck's head resting sweetly on his chest, closed his eyes and for the first time, in a tear filled voice exclaimed \\"I got my cowbell! and he really meant it. :D

  • i can make it happen

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