My dermotologist

She has been my dermatologist for many years. She’s an attractive woman with an athletic body (a few pounds’ overweight but sexy) and under that doctor’s coat seems to have a healthy C cup chest. She always wears a conservative style dress but tasteful. I had been to visit her one late weekday afternoon. I was her last appointment. I can’t remember why I went to see her that day. It was summer and I wore shorts and a golf shirt. I was picking up my keys and getting ready to go both her and her nurse where making small talk when I commented on a poster in the office that talked about the hazards of skin cancer. Dr. asked “do you tan?” “yup! In a tanning bed” I responded. “Have you ever tanned naked?” she persisted. “Yes!” I replied looking her in the eye. What she said next sent a shock through my body and turned me on.

“Take off all your clothes!” she commanded. I paused for a second thinking she was joking then after seeing she was serious I slowly kicked off my running shoes and pulled off my socks. I stripped off my shirt and tossed it on the chair next to me.

Looking back at the women I saw them both standing motionless watching me get undressed. I hesitated for a second then unbuttoned my shorts and pulled down the zipper. I remember thinking that they never offered me a gown and in a second I would be completely naked with two women seeing me. my heart raced as I pushed my shorts over my hips and let them fall to the floor then kicked them aside. I was completely naked in front of these two women. “Get on the table and lay on your stomach" The doctor ordered. I did as they walked toward me. The worst part was that I was getting hard and was mortified I couldn't stop it.

Jennifer, the nurse moved to my right hip and The doctor was on my left hip. The doctor began slowly and gently dragging her fingers lightly over my skin looking for issues. She began at my head in my hair and slowly and teasingly worked her way down to my lower back. Skipping my butt for the moment she moved to my feet and slowly worked her way up my legs returning to my butt. This time I felt the light touch of her finger skim over both sides of my butt then I felt both her hand firmly but gently take hold of mt ass cheeks and spread them open. She examined my rosebud for what seemed like an eternity then ordered me to turn over.

'Great!' I thought with embarrassment. They are going to see my erectin. I turned over and closed my eyes for a moment to escape the embarrassment.

The doctor resumed the exam beginning at my head and worked down to just below my navel. Then she abruptly moved to my feet and worked her way up in the same manner to my shins, knees, thighs gently pulling my legs apart examined my inner thighs and then gently and lightly moved my b**** and c*** as she willed and examined me at length.

It was then I realized she was not wearing gloves. As she fondled me I was very hard as Jennifer stared at my c*** taking a second to glance up at the doctor. The women’s eyes met and there was an exchange of smiles and she went back to playing with me. I felt the light touch of her fingers wrap around my c*** and being to stroke me very slowly stretching the skin on my c***. She repeated this part of the exam a few times as I visible fought the urge to c**. Somehow orgamimg would have been very embarrassing.

"I don't see anything to worry about" she said once again smiling at Jennifer. "You can get dressed" she said abandoning my c*** and walking away. I hope they had their fun. I wondered who else they did this to. I immediately went home and finished what she started.

Feb 13, 2021

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