I saw a trans **

I was on a ** web site after smoking close to a 8 ball of crack. I was so ** **! I have never in my life thought of seeing a trans person before that day.and have never had ** with another man in my life or never even really though about it.
I got ahold of the ** with 1 phone call. he gave me a price and his address and I went to see this freak of nature. He opened the door wearing atblack wig, black thigh high stockings and a pair of thong ** that encased his very small **.
I asked him if he got high and he said yes and I pulled out a huge pile of very good rock and dumped it on the table and we went at it. I was high as ** and he started to ** my soft **. Its would not get hard because of the coke. but I was so ** ** it did not matter.I asked him if he had any toys and he got a box of 3 ** and some lube. 2 of the ** were of average size but the brown one was ** huge! It had to be 5 inches in diameter and 10 inches long. The freak lubed it up and I watched as he fit it into his corn hole with no problem. I watched him do that until I was bored and we smoked some more crack and he sucked me off. Than I asked him to get the smaller ** and use it on me which was a first.He lubed it up real good and slipped it in me. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but felt good after awhile. I took a huge hit off the pipe and and soon as that rush hit me like a brick wall I told him to put it all in. I never felt anything like that before. He was hitting my prostate and holy ** did it feel incredible! He did this for about 5 min and my head was ready to explode. He had my soft ** throbbing in his mouth. He hit that prostate a few more times and I have never came like that in my life. I bet at least 3 shot glasses worth of ** snot shot all over his face and my stomach. I left his house feeling disgusted at what I had just done. But I was totally ** drained. Would I do it again? if I smoked more crack there is a possible chance I would but the last time I smoked rock was 20 years ago and there is a small chance it will happen again. Besides, I need to let my ** heel a little bit

22 days

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I made a mess of her dirty thong

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