i know its wrong

im a police medical officer (FME to be exact) and have just started training to do post mortems, and cant help getting turned on by naked dead women, i know its wrong but i luv it, havent gone to s** yet but have stuck fingers in there, its wierd when cold.

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  • Taking the bait or not, it was funny enough to comment. The confession really didn't try to provoke, but just explained his issue and moral problems with what he is thinking about.

    I'd be weirded out too. I dont know if I would get aroused... I got a degree in sculpture. We would use naked models every day. You kinda get used to it. Except when a usual comes in bald. You kinda have to notice that. She tried to trim up the b***** and pelted it. Oh man did the drawings and sculptures suck that day.

  • ^and by responding, you are the only dumbass that took the bait.

  • Do you people fall for every troll that comes on here?

  • brings the term "over my dead body" to a whole new meaning

  • I think it is pure fascination as well and should pass. I think that you are just fascinated by the unknown. Just like people that have never been with a different race than their own, they tend to wonder what it would be like and if there is really a distinct difference. You know the rumor that black men are well hung and white men aren't. Well, white women are curious about it. No big deal. It is normal.

    BUT, Dead bodies decay at a very rapid pace. Are you afraid that you might come down with something or get bacteria in your p****? Yuck!

    I hope you can win the battle because it is really kind of sick to have s** with a corpse.

    God bless and good luck with everything

  • The fascination will pass.

    Do you think you'll act the same if a leg and her head is missing?

  • You know the law better than anyone, but I think you'd only be charged with Abuse of a Corpse.
    I say go for it. What's she gonna do? Say no?

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