Marrage on the line

O i have this i dont know i guess wierd way to cope with anything that makes me feel uneasy and i cant stop it ... when i get nervous i need s**. or upset same solution even sad.. I have had this issue for awhile now but now its affecting my relationship with my wife ..we have been having upsetting times nots back to back but still the times though and i seek s** somewhere else to ease the pain of my mind and heart but its to the point now i cant cut off the ones that was giving me the s** becuz i like to feel someone love me at all times or i like to feel needed i know this isnt right but i cant help it and im married now and love the woman im with but love s** so much if she cant try knew things with me or jus give it to me all the time i look for it somewhere else what do i do

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  • go fess up , you been a cheating b****** , if your wife doesnt kick your ass tot he curb , or cut your nuts off or both , if she do decide to forgive you unfaithful cheating ass , then go back to screwin her brains out .

    if she kick your cheating adulterous ass out , hey , you cheated , you deserve nothing less

  • Here, have some punctuation. It might cheer you up.

  • Hahaahahahahaaaaaa.

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