Fuckk my life

Im a good kid honestly.this is kinds wierd But ever since puberty i started mastrbateing. Gross i hate that word. I hate what it means. I feel as if its only for people who cant delvelope thier own relationships. I cant stop tho. Durin the day im like i have better things to do, but in the night it just happens. And i regret it everytime. For some people it doesnt bother them, but it BoTHERS ME . Every time im like no more but jist happens. God please hear my plea, relieve me of my immoral obscurity, lend me a strong arm on my shoulders so i can break away. I am ashamed of myself. And i dont wanna br anymore

Oct 17, 2011

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  • How old are you? I'm 12 and that happens to me, too!

  • I'm a Christian, so I know how you're feeling. I was also taught that it was wrong. Since I've gotten older I've realized that having lustful thoughts is a sin, but masturbating isn't. If you are just doing it for the physical sensation without the lustful thoughts, you aren't doing anything wrong.

  • Perhaps the feeling of guilt is part of what you get off on? You are not doing anything the rest of us don't do; I do it all the time. Or perhaps it is what you think of while you m********* that disturbs you? You didn't tell us about that. If it is that, remember, these are only thoughts, not actual acts.

  • Im guessing that the only reason why you find mastubation disgusting is because you were taught that its wrong in the eyes of the lord or your religious background.

    I can tell you now there is nothing wrong with masturbation its a very natural act that men and women can enjoy on there own. it teaches us to know our own bodies and know what works for us when the right person does come along. Dont feel ashamed that you do it, you should never feel that. s** is about enjoyment whether with someone or on your own. I dont think god will look at you any diffferent because you do it. he loves people no matter what. when you mastubate think of it as god wanting to give you that happy feeling inside of you, the feeling of content.

    Good luck!

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