Comments shouldn't be anonymous. :[

I'm getting really sick of people impersonating the confessor (me) in comments. Usually they say things that I would never say and I have no way of proving to other people that this person is not me, just some random douche putting "OP here" in front of their comments. I mean, wtf man?

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  • OP here, apologies for disrupting the flow. It must be because, being me (i.e. OP), I am a douche.

  • ^ Hey, didn't you read the rules for posting a comment on this confession? You must begin each comment with "OP here." I'll let it slide this time, but don't expect me to be as lenient next time. I even took the liberty of editing your comment so you will be aware of how to post one in the future. Should you have any further witticisms to declare on this confession, please present it as follows:

    OP here, "Stick it in my bum"?! D: PLEASE tell me that's not how you phrase it when talking to guys. That's not sexy. (And yes, I'm British too).

    See, all it took was adding a simple "OP here" to the beginning. After typing "OP here," you have the option of using either a comma or a colon. That's up to you.

  • ^ "Stick it in my bum"?! D: PLEASE tell me that's not how you phrase it when talking to guys. That's not sexy. (And yes, I'm British too).

  • OP here: Did I mention that I'm impotent?

  • OP here: ^That wasn't me. This isn't funny guys. This is exactly why there should be no anonymous comments allowed!

  • ^What?! I did not write this!

  • This is the real OP* you all really have nothing better to do? I didn't write any of these comments and will not write any more on here.

  • OP here: ^ That was NOT me.

  • ^ Quit impersonating me!!!
    I would never say STOP IT

  • OP here: STOP IT!

  • OP here: Sorry. I was just ranting.

  • OP here: The more I thought about it, I do like the anonymity of the comments. After careful deliberation, I realized that if you had to sign in to post a comment, no one would comment anymore and this place would become so boring. I do like a lot of the clever and funny things some people post, I was just irritated that someone was trying impersonate me on a previous confession I made. Even though all of my confessions are fake and pointless. So please everyone disregard my above confession, I've had a change of heart since posting.

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