I think it’s time for this website to be shut down

I come here to confess my opinion and I get nasty comments about my stepdad how he slapped me in the face and people say nasty comments like go s**** him or I am a man this has got to stop I mean they are grown up people and they are acting like children I read far worse on this site and some of them don’t have nasty comments

Apr 13, 2021

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  • This is jackie's sister it's true she does have a disabilty and no you will never hear from her again.

  • Ugh, what a loser. Kill yourself, Jackie. You are not fooling anybody with your repeated and mentally unstable posts.

  • Jackie has a disability and you are actually talking and saying things to someone who is on a 12 year old thinking process.

  • Okay everyone. This is Jackie’s sister. Jackie has a disability and you are actually talking and saying things to someone who is on a 12 year old thinking process. She has been told to not post anything else to this site. Please do not say bad things about her. It just upsets her. You would not want anyone saying some of the terrible things you are saying to her to your family member. Jackie is a female. And does not do any of what is being said. No one on here is her neighbor. I am asking as her sister and someone who loves her for you to please stop. Thank you.

  • It that is true then get her off this site permanently! Why would you allow a person with a 12 year old IQ and having a mental issues to access adult sites like this one. Wouldn't parental intervention be needed? WE should never hear from Jackie again! And I am asking as a normal adult not to let her come here!

  • Then why are you folks allowing Jackie to be on an adult s** site?

  • Don't feel bad for Jackie! His family and us neighbors have to tip toe around Jackie because one wrong word and he throws a temper tantrum and yells at everyone.
    Jackie you remember a while ago when you where going thru the neighbors front lawn and he asked you not to walk on his lawn! You started screaming at him telling him you had every right to! The only way you stopped was when he said he was calling the police and went inside. You kept screaming all the way to your place and went inside! We can hear you constantly screaming in you parents place.

  • Can we get Jackie’s Mom and Stepdad on here to join the conversation and clarify a few things for us? I think that would help us to resolve some of the persistent issues here. Fill in some of the blanks in the story. I’m sure it would be quite revealing!

  • They don't have a computer and they won't be getting mine here is the real story he goes into my room he thinks it was not cleaned which it was some he got mad because i did not throw away something he said when he got off work we will be cleaning house then i told my mom i was tired of him talking about the house being messy he comes in started to scream at me i yelled at him back he got into my damn face saying yell at me one more time i did and he slapped me i got scared and i called the cops they came out and talked to us and to be honest i did not know they were going to arrest him but they did because he confessed he slapped me in my state it's illegal to slap someone


  • Thats it I did not want to disclose your sickness because I was being nice to dude. But you asked for it and maybe after I tell the truth about you you will start telling the truth!

    I have seen you go outside at night dressed in women's clothes jerkingOFF and saying out loud "I would fock me" over and over till you cummed! It is gross nasty I tried to record it but it was too dark to see your face dude. But if you do it again I will sneak up with a flashlight and bust you and upload it! You won't be able to do anything about because you are out in public doing it!
    Stop pretending you are a woman!

  • Does you stepdad know you crossdress?

  • Do you dress for your step daddy!

  • I'm not being nasty about it but you yelled at him. He most likely puts up with your entitled ass under his roof. You should show more respect for the man that takes care of you. He most likely had enough. You most likely needed your ass whipped.

    Then you call the law on him because your feelings were hurt. Now your family is in debt to the county/state. He is behind in work. Has the cost of missing work to go to court. Your mom and you will pay this price as bills get behind and money is short.

    I'm not going to call you a man. You most likely are a girl. My hopes are he either Whipps that ass again or kick you out.

    My middle daughter 20 years old was still living with us. She talked to her mother like s*** even though her mother washed her clothes, clean her room, cooked her food as if she was a little child still. One night the wife snapped and rung her jaws. The daughter called the law. The law showed up. The cop told the wife it would be best for the daughter to move out and get gone if she has no more respect than that because calling the law makes a paper trial.

    He needs to protect himself and his family in his house. He needs to kick your ass out.

  • Why don't you just F UCK OFF Jackie, you are boring.

  • Jackie you know why you get nasty replies! Because you have posted so many times about the same thing over and over and when people try to help you, you get bent all out of shape and say nasty things! Then you pull your story! Now that you posted anonymously you can't pull it! Mark my words you will get nasty with someone and it will go on from there!

  • I think it's time to kick this s***'s ass real tight.

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