Dear Boyfriend

I didn't actually feel anything when I kissed you. Except slutty. I felt slutty. Keep your hands to yourself. And stop trying to put my hand on your c*** in public. That's for private times. And you might be hot, but you're not THAT hot, so no s** for you until I discover proof of your brain's existence. Maybe a b******.

Love, Your Girlfriend.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Girls why dont ye know ur place u should be thankful 2 hav a man giv him s** cook his food clean his house the bible says u were created 4 mans use and benbfit now cop on

  • You little b****, I'll not only make you pet my c*** in public, I'll make you blow my buddies right in front of me, then beat your w**** ass for cheating on me.

  • I second that motion. And if you aren't balless wonders, you deserve to be.

    (P.S. I'm a straight man. But I don't fetch tampons for anyone.)

  • Please note, the men that replied to the OP never had s**, except one, and he is pussywhipped.
    Have fun figuring out which one but here is a hint: two above mine, and the only reason he'd go to my sister's house, (I have no daughter) is to get me a tampon when I tell him to get it.
    bunch of balless wonders.

  • Ah, but what if she was VERY good in bed? As in, mind-blowing, best-you've-ever-had, better-than-oxygen good? OR all her relatives were REALLY ugly? Then you'd be screwed. Not literally.

  • Dear Boyfriend,

    I'm sorry! I'll get back to kitchen. And make a sandwich for you! Also lots of a*** s**.

    Love, Your Re-Instated Girlfriend.

  • Dear Girlfriend,
    Since you won't put out, I'm just going to kick your sorry ass to the curb. Your v***** is not made of gold, so stop acting like it is. There's plenty of other fish in the sea and I've already gone fishing. You're no fun at all, so... see ya!

    Love, Your EX-Boyfriend.

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