met this guy.

i went on craigslist, ive met 3 people in person from it. one's 28 we'll call him v, another 24 call him sw, and the last 21 and we'll call this one sb.
im 17. ill be 18 in 4months.
the oldest and youngest of the 2, turned out to be only sexual things.
sb i hung out with twice, blew his mind with some parking lot b*******, we plan on f******, but it has yet to happen.
v, the firefighter. he's a total perv, well atleast i think so. he made me do everything he could conjure up, anything sexual that is. he and i bopth wanted it to be a long term relationship. but that's not how it turned out.
after f****** someone with just pure, s**, no feel. i lose interest. so i broke up with this guy infront of my shrink.
funniest s*** ever.
now im seeing sw. he's one of them sweet, teddy bear types. last night was the second time we hung out. but it felt like it had been years we've been together. he's making it easy, too easy to fall for him.
he does the sweetest things. laying in bed together, he layed his hand on my heart, and said "i want that" nearly brought me to tears.
i just cant get him out of my head. everytime he touches me, i get turned on. that shockwave feeling.
we had s** this morning, after my hours of begging him for it.
only reason he kept saying no, is because im 17.
our styles are sooo opposite, but our attitudes are the same.
he has goals. i do too.
he's perfect for what i want.
thing is, once a cheater. always a cheater.... and ive always been a cheater.
im hoping i can change my ways.... this is something i dont wanna f*** up.

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  • I hear they like German industrial music.

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