ONce a cheater.... always a cheater

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  • I started cheating after I caught my wife cheating. It opened pandora's box, I got into cheating, been cheating for 12 years now. It's very exciting, especially cheating with married women. I had plenty of single and divorced women as well but nothing was better than having a go at it with someone married. My greatest lover is my wifes brothers wife who meets up with me 4 to 6 times a year. Living 80 miles apart and meeting at a motel some where in the middle has kept us going un noticed. It's fun stealing a kiss or a quick feel, I once gave her oral in the bathroom of our house with a family party going on, we still laugh about that day. I like to cheat and I'd never have done it if my wife didn't. So I'm still a cheat, I don't see me stopping, I like it too much and yea once a cheater always a cheater applies to me.

  • Actually its not so true.
    I used to cheat on all my boyfriends.
    Now I don't, not for 3 years through 3 different boyfriends.
    When someone decides there's no reason to cheat then that person stops cheating.
    That's like once a bed wetter always a bed wetter.
    Hello, you grow out of it.
    (Not everyone, but there's no reason to condemn everyone that's ever cheated on anyone)

  • so soooooooooo true!

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