I luv him... he luvs another girl. they r going have ** on sunday.... heres how it started.... him and i started flirting when him and my bff went out... we bcame close and we were gonna go all the way some time... and anyway we got in a fite and now he's going w/this other girl and were friends again so he's telling me everything... im really jealous bcuz he obviously doesn't have feeling for me.... i hurt my friendship 4 no reason..... im only in the sixth grade :(

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Thank you everyone. For the record, he is bringing a condom for it (he told me.) Last night, I realized how fortunate it was that he was going to do this with the other girl instead of me, and I realized that yes, that was a stupid plan of me to have ** in the sixth grade. Plus, I'm Christian. This guy just really changed me and even though he is like GORGEOUS, I think I'm over him now. Thanks again.

  • And remember that there is such a thing as a condom. Bring one, because men always seen to "accidentally" leave theirs in the car, or whatever.

  • please wait till you're older to start having **. give yourself time to enjoy your life without that complication. when you're at least sixteen and your find someone you care about, you can go ape **. i was not mature enough in the 6th grade for a sexual relationship. you might not be either. do you really want to be on jerry springer? you don't need a kid right now or a disease. please think about this.

  • He might be trying to make you jealous, but guys don't often play that kind of game. Withdraw from him as much as possible as soon as possible. Don't reveal any jealousy you might have. Any comments he makes about his new girlfriend, treat as if this is the most boring subject in the world.

    A) If he's trying to make you jealous, he might then realise it's not working and stop.

    B) If he's with another girl, you need to back off anyway, for her sake AND yours. Hearing about them will drive you slowly insane.

    C) But then again, if you guys don't talk about her, then being with you instead of her will feel less like cheating...?

    D) You're only in the sixth grade. You'll make new friends.

    E) Why do you want to be with him, exactly?! He's the kind of guy who cheats on girls. A **.

    F) Good luck, and remember: people are **.

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