are a f****** a******. you broke my heart into so many pieces and even now that i have a relationship with someone who genuinely loves me the insecurity you left me with will probably ruin it. and thank you for telling me we could meet up and talk about what happened those few years ago because i 'deserved it' .. and then completely blowing me off without any explanation. maybe this is not all in vain though, because i'm sure karma will be a bigger b**** to you than i could ever be.

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  • ^It figures.

  • good eye, i do often enjoy writing in third person.

  • ^ OP wrote that.

  • fourth commenter, do you arrange things in your mind before you type them or just get on your high horse while it fodders all over the keyboard ? because all that looks like to me is a failed attempt at trying to cleverly insult someone you know nothing about. seems like all the op wanted was some closure for the benefit of her current relationship. that's not playing the victim, that's playing a survivor and trying to move the f*** on.

  • ^How dare you make her the victim! The OP is smart and witty and a moron and a complete waste of space, and bitchy, and the victim of all things in the world, and self centered, and has got to be h*** to listen to, you know she probably never shuts up for a second.
    Other than that, I'm sure she is still a pain in the ass.

  • You play the victim because you state "the insecurity you left me with will probably ruin it." Get over it go f*** your bf and calm down

  • where am i making myself sound victimized in this post ? no dramatics, that's what he did and so that's what i wrote. now go back to jerking off in your moms computer chair while the cat watches.

  • You sound like a real gem to date, you play the victim often?

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