My first try at writing a short story

This is my first try at writing a short story, please be nice!

Jazzhorse McHard was sitting in a bar one day, playing on stage for his millions of adoring fans where everyone was drinking beers and having fun. But then a bunch of mean bikers came in, and they were wearing leather jackets and combs, and said to Jazzhorse "It is time to die, Jazzhorse". The people were all scared and gasped, and one guy dropped a bottle on the ground where it broke into pieces. Jazzhorse took a drag from his cigars and said to the bikers "No, it is time you are died" and then leaped off the stage where he was playing and hit a biker in the face. The biker said "Oof" and fell backwards and started bleeding, while the other bikers looked sad and angry. One of the bikers took a knife out of his pants and tried to stab Jazzhorse, but Jazzhorse was too fast for the biker and he used his saxophone to hit him in the stomach where the biker threw up all over the place. The crowd cheered and the biker rolled away as the other biker pulled out a shotgun from his jacket and started firing at Jazzhorse. Jazzhorse used his saxophone to deflect the bullets and runned over to the biker, where he kick him in the face with his hoof and the biker fell to the ground dead.

But just when Jazzhorse thought to rampage had ended the biker got back up again and ripped off his jacket, revealing him to be a bear. The biker bear said to Jazzhorse "Today you will know my pain" and roared as he punched at Jazzhorse, sending him flying backwards into the crowd of people. But then a little girl came out of the crowd and to Jazzhorse and said "I believe in you, Jazzhorse". The believes of the crowd were enough to give Jazzhorse enough strength to get back up and with his saxophone he started to fight the biker bear, who was big and strong. But then biker bear suddenly blew fire at Jazzhorse's saxophone, melting it to the ground in a puddle, forcing Jazzhorse to use his fists of fury to punch the biker bear in the face. The biker bear said "You cannot win" and slashed at Jazzhorse, but Jazzhorse was strong and said "You are not today" and instantly punched the biker bear in the jaw, sending him through the roof while he said "nooooooo". The crowd cheered for Jazzhorse but then noticed his saxophone was melted in a puddle. But then the little girl came out of the crowd and said "Do not worry Jazzhorse, I have an idea". So Jazzhorse used the little girl as a saxophone and played for the crowd, and the night was happy.

The End

Do you want a sequel?!

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  • LOL to the following:

    "No, it is time you are died"
    The fact that I had to read it through twice to realize Jazzhorse was actually a horse.
    The fact that no one could tell it was a bear because it had a jacket on.
    "You are not today"

    And yes please to a sequel ^^

  • Yes a sequel please! Jazzhorse is my new favorite hero!

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