Older girlfriend

When I was 22 I brought a Harley and went out I met a group of bikers that were in there 40's . One of them was a 45 year old women tattoos rode her own bike. So I crashed a few times trying to keep up. Her and i started dating and she was teaching me how to ride. So I crashed again and she said if you crash again I'm going to ride you on the back of your bike for a month and take you around to events and biker bars. So she worked at this topless joint I went to see her and I was backing my bike in and fell over . She happened to walk out while this was happening so she was like I told you what was gonna happen . So she started ridding me on the back of the bike took me everywhere people would laugh very embarrassing.

May 8, 2017

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  • Biker chicks are the best lays in the history of the world. I've dated two (with about 3 years in between them), and they were the most incredible lovers I ever had. I would have married the first one (and still would), but it would affect my professional prospects. Anyway, I doubt she would marry me: she always preferred the rougher crowd. I was too nice to her and never treated her like her biker boyfriends......i.e., I never treated her like s***.

  • Did she f*** you?

  • Yes we were going out at the time

  • Lucky man. Lucky, lucky man. I envy you.

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