Bear Suit

I'm 28, male, I have a good life. I keep in shape, look pretty good and have little to complain about.

Last year a close friend bought me a teddy bear suit for Halloween. She dressed up as a little kid, and I went as her bear. We had fun. Now, When nobody is around, I put on the bear suit and watch tv because it makes me feel balanced. It fills a hole in my emotional state. I honesty wish I could go to work in it, I would do a better job. I like myself more in it. If I could get away with it, I would sell myself on eBay wearing it. I happily work in a field that would cost me a lot if people suspected I was unbalanced. This isn't a fetish or anything, I just like being a toy.

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  • Well you could try ebay or the f****** bay site

  • A feeling of holding onto a fun young state as a child

  • Added irony, I can't stand kids.

  • It's not unbalanced, you just like being a bear and that's that. Just like my socks, i just find it makes me happy cause it's got cute pandas. Only you wear a suit. Kinda like a security blanket.

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