Hey CP

So there was this book that my gradeschool teacher read to my class long ago, I had forgotten about it, and was recently reminded of it after seeing a mouse. But I only remember a few small details.

One character was a female mouse, I *think* her name began with a J, and she lived in an (abandonded?) car. There was another character who was an albino mouse. I also remember something about a person (a little girl?) who owned two mice that slept on her pillow? I believe that it might've fit into that "mice adventure" genre, kind of like the Secret of Nimh or something.

I may even be remembering more than one story, I honestly don't remember enough to know. Any ideas what this could be, or am I crazy?

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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_mice_and_rats

    Anything in there ring a bell?

  • ^ It was fictional BOOK, idiot.

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