I saw her at Graduation

Yesterday I attended one of my cousins graduation I noticed a person whom is always see at the gym got buffer dressed nice and was with her partner she's a girl! In other words she didn't see me but for some odd reason thank god I found this sight because for somereason I couldn't keep my eyes off her she is so much more attractive and buffer than years ago when she would still attend the gym she got so much buffer I never found girls attractive until yesterday! I have a be and been with him for 3 years now I'm totally confused because idk what to feel is right or wrong

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  • Idk what to do my attraction is strong I've never felt a way for a female I've been with my bf for 3 years

  • What? I can hardly understand this, are you saying your a female attracted to another female? Well, if so I understand. I'm kinda in the same boat. I wouldn't look at it as being right or wrong I would look at it as, finding someone attractive, wether it's a male or female it's a person and we are entitled to be human, because that's what we are..

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