I don't get guys

So I'm thinking of getting a psychology book to help me see inside their heads.

Bad idea or not?

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  • ^ No, you are not alone in that thought.

  • Has anyone else here watched Death Note and therefore find the idea that "L" is responsible for all these b********* posts more than a little bit hilarious?

  • ^After a long moment of thought I want to apologize to everyone on Confessionpost. I called the fake L a liar and a hypocrite.
    I have often bashed men on this site, and yet left my ex for his bigoted joking. I guess if I bash a group based on gender, sexuality, etc, that would make me a bigot as well, which makes me a hypocrite.
    I'm sorry, due to my hypocritical nature I would like to apologize to the fake L for calling her a hypocrite. Please forgive me fake L, forgive me everyone.


  • ^If you really were me you could tell what breed my lover is since I posted it once before.

    If you all want me to go away and not post here anymore, fine. Just say so.


  • ^I confess you need to stop pretending to be me, and wasting my time!


  • ^you are a lot like my ex- a liar and hypocrite. I think you should confess.


  • ^I did not write this, I don't need another woman making up s*** to cover up for me.


  • No, I left my ex becuase he likes to drink and argue with his fists to me and our son. He also liked telling gay jokes to his friends- good for him I never told his friends he liked it up the ass once in a while with one of my toys. And I still get asked out often enough- no interest or need in men now. I think you are jealous anyway. note- I did not write the 2nd L comment.


  • ^Who would've guessed.

  • I only say get a dog because I can't keep a boyfriend, because I nag them a lot.



  • I love how when people disagree with you they scream TROLL

  • Don't try. Get a dog. Much much easier to figure out. :)



  • ^This guy has never had s**, and probably never will, unless you count him humping a pillow in his mom's basement.

  • If he's nice to you, he would probably sleep with you given the chance. The sooner you understand that the sooner you will understand men. It's in our nature.

  • ^&^^ The troll and troller performance company, lets give em a big round of applause ladies and gentlemen!!!

  • ^ Oh yeah? Well... boys are gross! lol

  • F****** women, think that men are all the same what the f***, men come in every flavor of awesome- it's the b****** that are all the same. theyr'e all just stupid b******. Fuuuuck man

  • Well first of all grouping anyone together by gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or any other stereotype you can think of is a bad idea.
    Every person is an individual, so you will not know what each person is thinking, but if there is a person you like, or a few people you like, you can get to know them.
    Now get ready for the gender bashing!

  • Go for it, but just remember- A book can only do so much....

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