Is it true that women come into true

Is it true that women come into true sexuality in their 30's. I am happily married, mother of 2 and lately I have been fantasizing about other men. Don't get me wrong, my husband is very sexual and satisfying, but I am feeling turned on by just the site of another attractive guy. Is this what guys feel like, all the time, when they see an attractive woman????? There is one person in particular I am attracted to and I can't shake it. My husband is definately benefitting from this! Is there anyone who can shed some light on this for me.

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  • Yeah, as long as you are not cheating, who cares?

  • Hey as long as your husband is benifitting and no one else is......

  • Im with the lady who said something about c****** on your face and a*** s**. Make your s** life more fun.


  • it is normal to be attracted to many different people. whether you do anything about it or not is up to you. monogamy is a choice, as is polygamy. out of respect for your mate, you should both agree on what kind of relationship to have. do not feel bad about natural urges, but do not kid yourself about hurting your mate. it is only cheating if it is secret and dishonest. do you really want to be dishonest? one thing though, you should make up your mind what your values are in relation to monogamy and such before you discuss your feelings with your mate. if you are not 100% sure you want an open relationship, then don't even mention your attractions. especially since it is normal, and you haven't done anything wrong. it will only hurt your mate if you bring it up as an 'oh, i feel so guilty for thinking about it' fantasy, if you decide to leave it as that, is recommended by therapists as a good way to spice up your relationship...dream away, and give all the resulting passion to your mate!

  • yo, im a man and i know they feel the same way as you all the time.

  • often women have an issue with feeling sexual attraction for other men. It is simply because you are an over dramatist and a provincial. If it makes you happy keep going. But it doesnt. If you marry this other guy you will want to have s** with another man. What you should do is have s** with your husband and think about your husband. if its terrible. Leave him. honestly a marraige with a woman who doesnt want you or a man you dont want is nothing at all. Ask him if he thinks about you in bed. If he watches p*** make him stop. try new things dont be selfish and let him c** on your face, try a*** s** its terribly naughty. Just do bad stuff cause its fun with your husband. Make s** with him fun again. If it cant be. you are doomed to spilt up. so find a way to share the money and raise the kids.

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