I am married with beutiful children. I

I am married with beutiful children. I have known that I have a great friendship with my wife and that it is not true love for many years. I have had several physical affairs but none that meant anything. I felt of course tremendous guilt about this. We recently move accross country and just a few day after we moved in I went with my son down the street to meet our new neighbors. Well my son's new playmate's mother was just stunning, I mean she blew me away. As I walked away down the side walk all I could think was, how am I going to stay away from her. Months have gone by and we have gotten to be friends with both her and her husband. Our sons grew to be good friends and I would take he two of them to play soccer and football at the park. But I will confess that I was always looking for a reason to see her again. It was like I just could not get enough. As it turns out her husband is almost eighteen years older than her and it was obvious to my wife and I from the time we spent around them that niether one of them are happy at all. During several of the social hours, dinners and cocktail parties I had begun to notice that she was looking at me, at some points it was obvious. However, I guess I would have never noticed if I too had not been looking at her. I continually told myself that it was just in my head and that I should ignore it. Eventually, several months after we first meet, we were alone at a party in the neighborhood and she approach me. She asked, "Is it just me or is there something else going on between she and I." I confessed that it was not just her and that could not get her out of my mind no matter how hard I tried. She suggested that I email her and several days later I did. I just asked if she remembered our conversation and she did of course. We have been seeing each other (secretly) for almost a month now. I have feeling for her that I have only once experienced and it was not my wife. I had given up on love. Although, the relationship is somewhat physical I have not slept with her. The crazy thing is I don't need to I know how she feels about me. Sure I want to and I fantasize about it, but I really care for her and I do not want this to be just a physical thing and I do not want to hurt her. On another note I have been telling my wife even before this that I feel we would be better off going seperate directions. I do not want to hurt my children but then again I will not be an absent father either. Or not any more absent than I already am given my work schedule. I have already told my wife that I want partial custody. And that I will take care of them finacially. With or without the other person I know that I should leave. My situation will never change I will never love my wife like she deserves, so it is just a matter of being honest with her.

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  • I really think you are an idiot , is p**** worht that much to you , that you would pay your wife to divorce you? also have you thought about the fact that this woman may leave you as well? Men are so stupid, no wonder women seem to have the upper hand in this world . I think you are merciless and selfish ......

  • take time and make sure you're making the right decision, that you're not just throwing away your family over an infatuation. these sorts of things always come back on you... hundredfold.

    Oh, and about your marriage, go file for divorce. You obviously don't love your wife so I think that you owe it to her to end it now, even if things don't work with the hootchie down the street.


  • If put as much effort into your own marriage as you do trying to score other women you would probably have the marriage your looking for! It's real easy having a 'good time' with some else you don't have to deal with everyday things, but if you think the grass is greener on the other side it's only because the grass is over a septic tank! - meaning, once you get into the new relationship you'll find out there's a bunch of crap that comes with that one too. Be committed to the vows you made with your wife and start thinking about how this will affect those around you, especially your kids - divorce is never easy for anyone.

  • im 10 so i think your son would be confused about y u wont stay with ur mom but i think he might like to be with his friend and that his heart would be torn in two between you and ur wife..... Then agian im just 10 so wat do i know?

  • youre stupid..

  • Have you ever wondered if your actions were not a result of your failed marriage? I find it interresting that you are rationalizing your actions so much that you feel that it is completely moral to have an affair. You can not hide your secrets your whole life. What happens if you get together with your new piece of ass? I think people will put two and two together. I wonder what your kids will think about what you were doing to their mommy?

  • It sounds like you're thinking on focused, rational terms; well thought out, well connected ideas that lead to logical conclusions. And the most important statement you made, was that your wife and you, both deserve to find people that bring each other to that "happy" place. You owe it to yourself, and to her. It sounds like you are a good father you might have explaining to do to junior that daddy's in love with his buddy's mommy; he might be offended you tackled his turf and exploited his relationship with his friend for your own benefit; he might think you're a j*** who gave up on mommy to get in the first hot woman's mants you saw; even if you made him look like trash to his friend, who'se dealing with his mom splitting up with his own dad due to his friend's father moving in and breaking up his family; there are lots of feelings involved; talk carefully, tctfully, but most importantly, honestly!!!

  • and teach your daughter how to be a good girl and find a good man

  • your a good man. its time to move on. teach your son that love is about passion mixed with devotion. and if you dont have both then its not work keeping

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