I just want to bake and cook. That's all I want to do for a living. I want to open a bakery, and bake stuff forever. I love cooking.

I don't want to be a doctor, a lawyer, an actor or a teacher.

I want to cook.

F*** off.

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  • So fvcking bake and cook for a living! Why so fvcking defensive?

    It's never going to be effectively outsourced.
    It will always be a useful and relevant profession.
    You can branch out and specialize in many different ways.

    So go fvcking do it, have a fabulous fvcking life, and STFU.

  • cook nude

  • If all this fails, try Restaurant City. You'll be horribly addicted to a virtual game for life, but at least you'll be pursuing your dream?

    I need to trade for cream and sugar :(

  • Culinary school for the win! There is a butchery course at a school nearby. They sell it all at cheap prices too,

    They will have live training at the cafeteria. So there will be 6 people trying to make you a sandwich. F*** you get your lunch fast, no waiting.

  • I just want to be a beach bum. Follow your dreams and f*** off.

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