The evil chef

I am a cook at a upscale hotel restaurant. I see so much unsanitary stuff go on. I really love the way our chef grabs the food that is sent back for not being done right. He spits and throws steaks on the ground steps on them etc. If the soup is cold he will spit in it before warming it back up. One cook said he saw the chef put his hands down his punts then touch someones meal when it was brought back! That is only the visual stuff, he has a mouth so vulgar and evil I dont know how anything he touches could be good. I do alot of food prep and am very careful about having my hands and arms clean at all time during prepping. This chef is notorious for not washing his hands after the restroom. I can't tell the boss because my culinary career depends on this job right now until my schooling is over. Oh and when the chef goes out to the customers he is so fu**ing charming that I could vomit. I can't wait to graduate school and one day become a chef because for me it is not just a job but a art and passion. I hope this chef can be exposed and one day I hope I can be the one to fire him

Jul 8, 2010

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  • You played this one out already, find a new troll personality

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