Want to be his slave

I am 42 year old women who wants my boyfriend to own me i want to be his slave , i cook clean and do all house chores i get him dressed every morning i bring him breakfast in bed 7 days a week a cook every meal and i love c*** and i love s*** i have brought a lead a dog bowl and i have a collar , i just want him to use me any way he wants i will never say no to any command i want him to f*** me in front of people when ever he wants to i want to be owned

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  • No but you will be meghan, carls and karen. i can't wait to hear and see your suffering too.

  • You dear child, need to stop writing on this website. You're too receptive to it's inappropriate, dysfunctional and contaminated stories and fake confessions. You don't want to grow up to be, more f***** up than what you're.

    I don't know what circumstances you're experiencing at home, but it can't be good.

    Return to your school work and concentrate in life matters, not this s**** us f***** up people come on.

  • WHTz UR MOB NO ? & Email??

    can I become ur Bfrind??? Yes!?
    I'm 32

  • I have the same feelings, I told my husband and he was unsure at first but started to get a little rough with me which really turned me on. That was 20yrs ago. Now I'm his complete s** slave, we have woods at the back of out house and he walks me naked on a lead, a couple of times we have been caught and he has let the other men f*** me and when we get home he spanks me and if we dont meet anyone he spanks me any way. I have yo to s*** and p*** lick a dog on our walks, he gives me a dog biscuit, pats me on the head and says good girl. He has a dog cage for me to get in to watch TV. He also bought nipple pumps and now my nipples are huge, long and very sensitive as soon as he suck then I C**. It's his friends 50 birthday next week, he is single and my husband is giving me to him for the weekend as a present, as a starter last night I had to suck his c*** as I was in my cage, he spunked all over my face. As a reward I was give a bowl of red wine and they watched football. When he left hubby f***** me pulling my hair and calling me a dirty b**** then mad me sleep at the foot of the bed. I love it

  • This is what i want but my bfriend finds it hard to do it i would love to be taking for a walk with my lead on i just want him to control and own me i am bi as well so he would get the best of both worlds , think i need a nipple pump my nipples are big to go with my 44 double g bust so when i am on all 4s they nearly touch the floor , i defo want a cage mmm that sounds great

  • I'm Jane the poster above, I'm also bi, you would be welcome to join me in my large cage and go for walks naked. Hubby has a big fat c*** and I would love to lick your c*** after he has f***** you. I'm 42gg what a wonderful pair of b****** we would be. My only worry is he may prefer you to me but I want to be caged with you so he can w*** over us and lick each other clean

  • Mmm love the idea of being caged with you mmm like to suck on those big t*** could I be ur slave too and I would be both of urs dogs and going for walkies in the woods would he tie me to a tree and let people use me any way they wished

  • Yes I will be the alpha female, in the cage I will fight you, you will submit and suck my t*** and lick my c*** then I will Fist you. When hubby is out I will mount you like a dog with my strap on and take you to lesbian s** parties

  • I love being fisted and f***** like a dog so I would have two masters then do u have a dog I want to be taken for walkies with a dog and have a butt plug in all the time so when any body wants to abuse my a*** it's ready for them

  • My big saggy t*** need you and my used c*** needs a girly tongue to clean my used c***. Hubby has spunked me and locked me in the cage, I have p***** and s*** myself because you haven't replied. I'm covered in s***, p*** and s****

  • Don't have a dog but lots of s** toys, including various but plugs. Hubby has a fat 8in c*** and will f*** you up the a*** as I lick you c*** and fat nipples. He will also share you with his friends, you will be humiliated

  • When I f*** my wife I require her to undress and lie on the bed in the nude with her hands by her side. I mount her and push in and c**. If she resists in anyway then I roll her over and f*** her in her ass.

  • I'm having an affair with a woman like you. All her life she's been straight and concervative. Now I'm spanking her and demanding things of her. I had her buy and wear dispsposable diapers. I've dressed her in skimpy clothes and high heels. I've spanked her and whipped her until she broke down crying and then I made her bend over again for another round. It took two weeks for the bruising and broken skin to heal and then I did it again.

  • That sound amazing I want to be humiliated and use as much and hard as I can I want to be taking out wearing no clothes just my collar and lead

  • Dear Slave Wannabe:

    Pavlovian S-R training for you, honey!

    Offer unquestioned obedience. Do it automatically. Obedience is pleasure.

    Know and believe in your heart that this is only right. This is what you're SUPPOSED to do and be.

    You can never be truly free or truly you UNLESS your man understands and BELIEVES this, and accepts that role.

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