Nothing hurts my feelings more than when I bake something for you and you don't compliment me on it. I'm always baking you cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, and all sorts of tasty things because a) I know I'm good at it and b) I like doing nice things for you.

And I know it's not because the food is bad. Everyone else compliments me on it, and I've had enough of it myself to know that I bake a damn good red velvet cake! I make everything from scratch, no mixes or pre-made frostings. Sometimes I even dress up all sexy when I'm baking, sort of pin-up retro housewife with pearls and high heels. Even then, you just walk into the kitchen and say, "Oh hey, cake." You cut yourself a fat slice, put it on a plate, and walk away to the living room to eat it. Every. Time.

Just once, I wish you'd say, "That was so sweet of you to do this, honey!" or "This is so good!" or "You did a great job." or even "I love it when you bake me stuff."

Seriously, it makes me want to cry sometimes.

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  • Your looking at the world through your own lense, not everyone thinks like you, he's not a mind reader...he might just think you like to bake. Does he know your doing it exclusivly for him? Did he ask you to make cakes and pies and s***? Prob not but if he did and you baked it, he'd prob say thanks once in a while. You need to understand your view of the world is not his and what you think 'should' be happening I.e him complimenting you or saying thanks, isn't necessarily his view. Shoulds and coulda are purely from your own perspective. Tell him you make this s*** for him to make him happy, some people show their love by lavishing food but he might not know that. Men don't generally think like women, you have to spell that s*** out to him not do it all in code...they don't understand code

  • Ignore the previous comment, what a j***!

    Anyway, have you ever thought that maybe he is never complimenting you because he feels inadequate in what he does and brings home? So he never compliments you because he's way to insecure to also let you feel secure? If that makes sense, I'm bad at explaining stuff.

    Anyway, you sound like a very sweet person, and I wish you good luck with this person, I don't think they know how to appreciate you, because they have other problems with themselves. That's just one possibility though...

  • sounds like ur fat,bet u have a huge p**** also,lose weight and do some keigels or get a couple of sutures 2 tightin that s***** up

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