Multiple Men

I like to keep a small handful of men in my life at all times. This way, I always have a booty call when I am lonely. If one is busy, I go to the next. Sometimes they change up. One I have been doing this with for the last seven years. There have been some naughty times when I have gone to a couple different ones in the same week. Never the same day, I at least do that. I cannot even think of a time when I haven't had a man to run to. I get freaked out when I even think of not having a back up.
At least when I am actually in a serious relationship, I cut it out. I do not cheat, even though sometimes I want to.

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  • ^ Both probably.

  • ^Says someone that will never have s**.

  • Minus the part about a serious relationship, you sound a lot like a friend of mine, and she's the most happy and stable person I know
    She has a decent paying job, takes care of herself, and does not believe that serious relationships are really good for anyone.
    We are not a species meant for monogamy.

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