I really dislike kids. I never had any of my own and I am 43. No one has ever provided me with a single reasonable reason to have any. I have watched three generations including my own and I can say that all I have seen is misery of:

Babies (lack of sleep and waste of money, screaming, s*******, peeing, crying, uselessness.)

Toddlers (destructive, stupid, wasteful, messy, dangerous)

Children (expensive, defiant, argumentative, liars, pointless)

Teens (drugs, s**, dangerous, defiant, disappointing, self-destructive, stupid)

Young Adults (lazy, stupid, irresponsible)

Sure, from time to time they are good for a smile or giggle, but I can get that from my dogs or the TV.

I personally believe that kids are nothing more than the physical result of two people having hardcore s** and getting so worked up he can't stop. I think everytime someone sees their own child they think, "If I only had pulled out I would be doing what I want to do instead of loosing all my dreams to these useless piece of s***.

My wife has grandkids and two of them are staying with us. So far they have poured juice down my brand ndw couch, written all over my walls and s*** and p***** all over my guest bed. Not to mention eating me out of house and home. Even worse, my wife prepares all this food and they don't even eat it. We end up throwing it all away.

Why would anyone do any of this intentionally?

That is my confession.

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  • I was reading Goethe at 3 and a half months :( Oh well, we can't all be perfect.

    He is right you know, This f***** need people have for a genetic lineage can be pretty scary at times. I've seen women marry just for kids, and men who will marry the first woman that walks by, just for the chance to procreate.

    When I was in college I had a woman come in the shop I worked at, with like 5 kids. I just say to the woman "Wow, thats a lot of kids." I guess she thinks I'm making fun of her or something, and she looks at me and says "So? Your money's payin for em" (White girl btw, before someone says something stupid.)

    So no, not every idiot on the planet needs to have a boat anchor.

  • Thank God you were never a snotty, s***** child. Thank God you were born perfect and reading Chaucer by the time your were 2 months old. I'm sure no one ever had to take care of you and change your diaper because you were born potty trained. Thank God you were never a sourpuss teenager that someone had to put up with. Thank God for that. Thank God you were born 43 years old, right. D******. No- excuse me. Self-righteous D******.

  • Somone beat me too it. So I will say to f*** them in the a***

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