Wife's aunt

She was a spinster and came to stay in the cottage behind our house after she retired. Most of the time she kept busy in a little patch of flowers that took just about all her time and energy. Sometimes I had to help with the heavier stuff like digging or installing irrigation. Then one day while kneeling beside her I had a peek down her blouse. She wasn't wearing a bra and I noticed her small almost child-like b******. My hard-on followed instantly and she was quick to notice my constant rubbing at my crotch. She just smiled and said we should finish outside. We then went into the cottage to wash our hands. I pulled her against me and we stood there rubbing against each other while she pretended to push me away, but soon we were both panting like tigers. I picked her up and carried her into her bedroom. There I ripped off her panties and got on top of her. She was prostesting feebly, but I just continued to force her legs open and then I penetrated her.
Afterwards she said that was the first f*** she had in more than 30 years!

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  • did bats fly out at you?

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