my stomache hangs but..

i had two kids and now my stomach is like an empty bag full of stretch marks. My b****** are lifeless slabs and dont even match. my butt is fat, full of stretch marks and cellulite. My thighs are huge. Oh and did I mention that I am very overweight and overall look like pure s***. I am a chronic complainer who is constantly terrorizing customer service reps and waitress' But when I am alone and with my vibrator I can get down and have the greatest o****** that would normally be reserved for the most beautiful sexy women of the world. Sometime I think that some men know my secret.

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  • ^Its fine, you made me laugh with that last remark.

  • stretch marks.....sorry I spelt it wrong everyone

  • look I just had twins and I can get my ass up and work out. use vitmain E for the strech marks its is working for me....and as for the b****....use a bra. Then maybe you won't feel so bad about yourself you have to be mean to everyone you meet....Do you ever wounder how much spit and s*** you have eaten?

  • Get your fat ass to the gym. Lose some weight and gain some self respect. That does not mean you can't enjoy your personal s** toys. It means that you may have a chance at enjoying a man.

  • i was a waitress. some fat women (not all) were horrible. often would leave a 50 cent tip after glaring between me and their male companion to see if he was looking. if no companion, they just glared at other males in the restaurant. i felt like screaming \\"i didn't make you fat! slow down on the chow b****!\\" the short black skirt is part of the uniform, i never wore it to make them sad.

  • I've noticed what the OP says, I was in a restaurant not too long ago, and chud looking couple were yelling at the waitress, because the wife/cow/girlfriend didn't want the waitress to refill her glass of water, she wanted a new one!
    Anyone else ever notice people with no right to be rude are usually the ones who are the worst?

  • not to be internet conceited... but please don't confuse this trainwreck with the "i suck at being me confessor" trainwreck. She is quite good looking. She treats waitstaff and customer service reps with utmost respect as she enjoys freebies and food free of bodily fluids. She doesn't get down with anything battery operated. She looks like she could lose 15, not 30, due to excellent body proportions but she is working on it. Men still stare but she will stay single until she is good and ready. She has rejected the prospect of becoming a catlady....for now.

  • self hate like that is creepy and retarded when it's projected at wait staff. you do realize they handle your food.

  • Trust me, they don't. Because no man is looking at your fat ass thinking about you having an o*****. Actually, I'm a little p***** at you for forcing me to read this.

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