This act was so unforgiveable

but I have to say that I stayed with my grandmother for the weekend and had to s*** really bad. My grandma was in the bathroom a long time and I could not wait so I went to the kitchen got a plastic bag and put my business in it. I was going to throw it out with the garbage later but forgot.I left the next day. Apparently the stink from it was so bad and she thought the cat did something so she hired a carpet cleaning company to come out. when they moved the furniture they found a bag of s***. Of course it was traced back to me and now my grandmother thinks I have mental problems and has told everyone and anyone what I did. I will not ever go back there and I think she is a complete b**** for not hearing me out. My mom wont even look at me. Whats the big deal??!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • So you not just forgot a bag of stinky poo, but you stashed it behind furniture? Yeah, I'd be throwing you side-eye too. Sure would be nice if one of your friends left you such a present, bet you would suddenly realize it's a big deal after all. Selfish tw@t

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  • Dude....weren't there some bushes outside?? I mean come on, stop being f-in lazy. Go to a neighbors house or hit the woods!

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