Don't Hate Me Because I'm Darkly Beautiful

The hidden darkness that sets souls free.
The embrace of blood stained lips on skin.
I celebrate the lifestyle so misunderstood by the common rabble
I celebrate the lifestyle that none but a few can truly master.
My soul cries out to my brothers and sisters of the dark.
The blade cuts my arm, but will never touch the real me.
For we understand the pain of all things.
Only we understand the agony.
Only those of us who are numb to the world will ever understand this poem.
Only you who are jealous will mock me because of it!
Just live your mundane lives and know nothing of reality.

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  • Are u black female big lips i could giv u a job

  • Try cutting your throat and see if the blade "touches the real you".

  • Stupid emo. Emo people are dirty, stinky and poor. Oh ye and gay

  • seriously, just kill yourself and make the world a better place already

  • You so need to get a job Morticia. The rest of us are to busy supporting ourselves to stop and ponder the agony. I wonder how above everyone else you would be if you got thrown out onto your ass and had to know something of reality

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