I'm f****** sick and tired of all you emo haters making your stupid jokes!
maybe if you looked beyond yourselves, into the darkness of our hearts you'd see something more than your pathetic suburban dreams!
I know you think we're better than you, cause we are! We see what you can't, we look deep into ourselves while you're thinking about your next stupid sports game, or whatever f****** s*** you do!
Yeah we cry, yeah we feel, because thats all part of life! We reach deep into ourselves, you shallow worthless people, we know what the deal is!
You mess with an emo you mess with us all!

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  • EMO A-S-S-W-I-P-E-S should be skinned alive.

  • key emo words:


    Profound, dude. Profound

  • you're alive be f****** happy. I'm sure that you're not suffering like people in third world countries. you have no reason to be "emo". You're just wasting your life being emo and thinking about crap.

  • "Emo" is NOTHING MORE than a genre of music. You people that label yourselves and have friends that look like clones are all pathetic. Prep, goth, punk, emo, scene. It's all bullshit. Kids need to grow the f*** up and realize that you're not supposed to pretend to like certain s*** just to fit in with a group. Labels are for soup cans! I support Individuality! Stereotypes are f****** retarded!

  • #3, I think you may be telling a small lie there.

  • Yes, but we don't sit behind a computer screen and insult people we have never met.

  • WHO or WHAT the h*** is an emo????

  • Why am I not that worried?

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