my husband wants to separate

I don't understand he tells me he loves me but then tells me he wants to separate...what do I do? I need help. Please tell me how to fix this. I wanna work things out with him but how do I do that when he won't listen to me?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • First of all you need to listen to him and see what his issues are with you!
    Next, step up you bedroom game, normally when men stray it is all about the bedroom.

  • I agree with jake

  • offer to be bi have an open relationship adn threesomes he'll be into it until u bring someone home! then he has to decide if he really wants you with some one else

  • Well, the first comment is the best so far. It could be that his love isn't in question, but your lifestyles. He might want to live another lifestyle, but feels oppressed as he tries to conform to the one that is expected of you both. Do you live in a small town? Is there a religious pressure that is expected of you two?

    There could be so many issues at work here, but talking and the councilling would be the best solution.

  • Chances are he is sick of smelling that stinky hole you call a c***. Clean the hole get rid of the stink. If that doest work do a ton of coke and f*** young n***** bots that have giant n***** that right I said n***** f*** sticks.

  • Encourage him to go to marriage counseling with you. Just say, "I'm willing to give us another chance, but we need outside help, because obviously we are not communicating well."

    If he is willing to give the relationship a chance, he will go.

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