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My boyfriend of 4 yrs told me he isnt happy with me.he has told me several times, however after each time i cry and ask him why he would tell me he loves me then. He tells me just give me time alone, like a few hours. So i do. When he calls and twlls me he is ready to talk, i go to his house and he tells me loves me but at times when we argue he feels he doesnt. We had seperated for a few months and recently got back together.i had asked him for some time to get back together and he would always say no. Then one day he started to ask me back. I gave in about 2 weeks later. Its been rocky and unless i do everything his way we argue. I love him and we have a child together but i'm tired of crying for him.

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  • Tired of crying, and your friends and family I'm sure are tired of the drama. Face fact, the relationship has run its course. Which is okay. You guys have given it your best shot over and over. It's time to call it day and move on. Figure out a custodial arrangement. Find yourself your own place for you and your child and then when you're ready, find a man who's ready for a real relationship. In the end, no more crying and the big plus you'll be happier.

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