I don't know what I believe......

......the only time my boyfriend tells me he loves me is when he's f****** me.

May 19, 2017

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  • It's just when he loves you the most, and when he feels the most closest to you.

  • Wow, some people say the dumbest s***. And I'm talking about everyone commenting.

  • You are included you f****** r*****

  • Don't kid yourself. The guy only "loves" the p****.

  • Don't give him any s** for a week or two. See if he'll confess his love for you then. You'll know whether its genuine or not, then. It's more likely he loves your p****, more than he loves you.

  • Look, DON'T challenge or question a man's integrity or credibility. That is totally unacceptable. If he said so, he loves you. Furthermore, you failed to comprehend the fundamental concept to sexual relations. Duuh. The man making love to you is his ultimate expression of love to you. Some of you fortunate girls also experience his verbal utterance of it during his duty of penetrating you.

  • Don't challenge anyone's integrity or credibility, if their characters aren't questionable!

    Gender is irrelevant, you pig headed red neck!

  • You're sexist and chauvinistic!

    Men are only superior in physical strength, compared to women. That's factual, as it's biological. But thats where the male superiority begins and ends!

  • Actually men are superior in many things. Feminism has lied to you, and brainwashed you. Women are subservient to men in many ways.

  • Whoa relax we f****** need each other and its better that way anyway. i think its been society that has poisoned peoples minds and manipulated both genders into some passive aggresive battle.

  • Yeah, that's just how guys are. If he treats you with respect and is always there for you, than he loves you. Even if he only says it during s**.

  • I believe he loves f****** you. He may or may not love the rest of you.

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