After 22 years with someone and being married for close to 7 years I finally found love and its not the wife. My special FWB has shown me what true love is. The butterflies in my stomach when I get to see her, hanging on her every word, thinking about her all the time. I just know we are meant to be together but very sadly she is married. She is truly a once in a life time chance for happiness that I just cant have. My heart is so broken. I wanna look after her , I wanna grow old with her. She does love me but decided to stay with her husband but those eyes, the way she looks at me just melts my heart. To me she is like super women, she is intelligent, compassionate, creative and can do anything she puts her mind too. I am glad god brought her into my life cuase she has made me a better person but in some ways its cruel to have met your soulmate and know you cant have her, well maybe someday who knows.

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  • I wanna thanks to the kind person that left the message above regarding my confession. It made me feel a bit better. Thanks

  • Life is unpredictable and has a way of changing things for the better. Just go on with your life but have faith that your heart's desires are felt and heard and that tmany times things work out in a way that makes it good for all involved.

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