I know my sister in law is cheating on

I know my sister in law is cheating on my husbands older brother. She confides in me about it. I know it's wrong because my loyalty should lie with my husband and his family. But I cant and wont rat her out. But it does bother me to know. She's not even that careful which is even crazier!! I guess i'm just hoping she just gets caught and then that will be that! This is the 2nd time she has cheated on him in their 5 yrs of marriage. I cant help but feel bad for him... but he's such an idiot!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Site Shrink, I think you have a point. However you said that her husband will probably assume that she hiding more stuff (which is true). So, when the sister in law gets caught, what happens when her husband DOES find out that she knew? What then? I understand it is not her place to tell the brother, but her own husband? I would think the relationship she has with him should be more important than the sister in law! I think your sister in law is a b**** for putting you in this situation, and you should tell her to keep her "dirty secrets" to herself!

  • You are right to stay out of it. It can only cause you problems to try and get her caught. Yeah feel bad for the idiot but the idiot is not the husband it's the wife. She's the one cheating and sowing bad seeds that she's going to have to deal with. Just make sure that when everything hits the front page that you act just as clueless as everybody else. Your secret should be that you know about it. Becuase even if you don't do anything and your husband finds out that you knew he could possibly think you have something to hide yourself. So just be careful and keep your mouth shut as you suggested. Oh and by the way tell her to confide in someone else. You may not tell on her but your loyalty is to your husband first and foremost.


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