So I don't lie too much. Not anymore. I lie when necessary. It's kinda cool to me how quick I come up with my lies. It's amazing how I can lie. I don't exaggerate. All my stories are believeable. I love how fast I can think about things and it all make perfect sense. I love how I'm hardly ever caught lying. Lying is fantastic. I'm not nervous at all when lying. I'm nervous when I'm being honest. I'm not at all nervous when I'm lying because, well when I lie everyone understands and believes me. Being honest, I'm really scared no one will believe me. Since I don't lie very much these days, I'm always nervous. Being honest is hard.
What's worse; being a great liar or a terrible liar?

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  • Get some help. I dont want to be mean, but I struggle with something like this daily. My cousin is the same way you are, its gotten to the point to where I practically hate her. My own blood! She lies about EVERYTHING even just stupid silly lies that nobody cares about. I find out about pretty much all of them, but I dont confront her, because when I do I get in trouble because she goes and tells her mom that IM picking on her. It has gotten to the point that if she tells me something like "I went shopping yesterday" I cant beleive her because she has actually told a lie like that before. So all im saying is quit this habbit. Pretty soon all of your friends and family wont trust you anymore and YOUR life will be the lie.

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  • Dont think for a minute people dont know you lie just because they dont confront you. In addition, is that the kind of life you want? I mean, your relationships will be based on lies instead of honesty.


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