My eating disorder has ruined my life

My eating disorder has ruined my life. I'm down to less than 100lb, and at 5'6 I know its too little. But I cant stop restricting my food and excersizing too much.

I throw up anything I do eat, I'm so afraid of keeping it in my stomach that my body automaticly gets rid of it now...

I am always getting ill, and barely have the energy to move, yet still force myself through my excersize routine.

Its caused me to fail my university course, and lose everyone I was close to once... My eating disorder because my only friend.

I tried to get help and was told by two seperate doctors that because my weight wasnt at critical (about-to-die) level, I couldnt have any help for it...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • My advice: find a different doctor. I am 5'6" and my average weight is 100 lbs. I mostly weigh less (95ish). All doctors have told me that I'm pretty normal, maybe because I don't have an eating disorder.

    But you need to get help. It's too hard to fight through on your own.

  • Soon you will weigh nothing and then you will die. I hate n****** asians and jews

  • ^You must not read, I stated that if a doctor says you cannot get help for a mental condition, then he is a quack, please tell me, how was that incorrect?
    Any doctor that says you cannot get help for a mental disorder is an idiot, I said that, and the first poster suggested therapy as well.
    Please read what is written before you jump on your presumptuous soapbox.

  • Okay, I recommend not listening to the three who posted before me. Obviously they are struggling with a MENTAL disorder of some kind. I first have to ask, were you being completely honest with your doctor? Did you tell him/her how you were treating your body? If so, you need to consult another doctor. While you may not be able to get insurance coverage because it your weight technically at a critical level, it doesn’t mean you can’t get help. Next, you should seek the counseling of a therapist. I also failed university courses after struggling with the disease. My parents stopped speaking to me, and my friends struggled with my decision to drop out of school. You ARE sick and you DO need help.

  • ^I have to agree with them, any doctor that says you can't get help for a mental disorder is an ignorant quack.

  • why the f*** would you let your doctor tell you that you cant get help for a mostly mental disorder?
    s**** the doc, get a therapist, start taking supplements, and get off your sorry ass and get your life back
    you know what you need, go get it

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