Disorders, advice needed.

Hi, I'm in my second semester of my freshman year of college, and I feel like my life is collapsing on me. I am really stressed and my depression comes and goes randomly.
Lately, I have been extremely insecure about my body and I constantly think of this when around or eating food. I know I am not fat and I know I am athletic, but I just cannot help it. I constantly wish to have an eating disorder or that I could just not eat for a week or two. I know how bad this is and I know that having a disorder like that would be absolutely terrible, but I can't stop thinking about this, no matter what I do.
I really want to know what I should do to make myself feel better about myself and to stop wishing this.
Also I feel like I need a support system, but I'm really scared to tell one of my friends this and I feel like if I talk to anyone I'm gonna break down crying.
If anyone has any advice please please comment. Also please don't lecture me on how bad having an eating disorder would be, I have read so much about them but I still feel the way I do. Also please keep in mind that I am extremely busy so I can't just find time to workout. Thanks everyone.

Mar 27, 2016

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  • Stress is unfortunately a part of life, sometimes it's a lot and sometimes it's a little. You just have to figure out the best way to deal with it. You have to be realistic about what you can really handle. Sure, in college you want to get really good grades. But if you are taking too many difficult courses you may set yourself up for failure. What's the point in doing that? To graduate in less time but end up with an ulcer? Take a moment to list all your to dos out..EVERYTHING.. from the smallest detail to the biggest. From doing your laundry to the frat party you want to go to..Exercise.. Fun (yes schedule fun..)... to that big test next Tuesday. Prioritize accordingly and be realistic. If you are taking too many classes or the classes are too hard, see if you can drop one. And possibly take that one class in summer or at a community college. If you aren't understanding something in a class, be proactive. Ask your teachers questions, participate in study groups if that helps and/or consider getting a tutor, don't let it get out of control. For your depression, go to the doctor and talk to them and take something so that you can take. This is a MUST. Depression is dangerous, take control. As for the want for the eating disorder, this may be something you want to bring up with a therapist. It sounds like body dysmorphia or a control issue. A support system sounds like a great idea and it would be very helpful. Confide in your friends, others may be going through something similar or can just be there to listen. But if you need more help then what a friend can offer, please seek professional help. To help you feel better, be kind to yourself. Be positive. When a negative though about your body comes to mind, change it. Remember you are beautiful and amazing. Repeat, repeat, repeat. All things in moderation. The working out...do what you can and rethink your workouts. Maybe it's a really a good 20-30 min work out instead of an hour. Good luck...

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