I am pregnant

I have been cheating on my husband with a guy from work. Now i am pregnant. I know that it is not my husband because he had vasectomy. He is so confused right now because for 10 years he has had the procedure and I never got pregnant since. He is not talking much right now. Problem: guy I am pregnant by is from Western Africa and black. But not just black ultra-black!!! I am so stressed out. I would never have an abortion and my poor husband would be so hurt. I am so sorry I was so selfish and I pray that God will forgive me. I am not in love with my former secret lover and not only is he mariried w/4 children but he was just here on a work project and is leaving. In 4 months the entire workplace , my husband , family (including my kids)neighbors, will know what I have done. I know it will eventually die down but the frenzy will be too much to bare! I want to run away


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  • Its a blessing of a black man's seed.
    keep it

  • How I would love to knock up a white woman married or not....and am East African:)
    I hope you have had a healthy baby by now.Don't feel bad,hubby had a vasectomy and no way could he ever have gotten you pregnant,its not your fault you got knocked up by someone else really!

  • I'll hold the door into H*** open for you.
    You're not sorry, an affair takes too much planning for it to be a mistake. You are just sorry because of your consequence.
    Adults like you make me sick, you force rules on kids that you yourselves can't bide by.

  • Sounds like you like them big, huh?
    I KNOW he was a lot bigger than your husband's puny white little d***.
    Tell us, did you suck him off?
    Did he f*** you in the ass?

  • Hello again.. I wrote comments #5 and #10...
    What's wrong with people? People should be more forgiving and look more at what they themselves do instead of judging others... That will make life so much easier for everyone...

  • what is wrong with ppl? i hope ur husband tortures and murders u then gets probation

  • oh my god she said "ultra-black" hahahahha

  • Hi.. I wrote comment #4... Have you talked to your husband yet?
    I really hope it works out for you two...
    BTW.. My wife and I have 3 children, whereby the eldest is adopted.. And I can say from experience that it does not matter if the child is from someone else... Or if it is your own... If your husband will understand and believe that as well, then you both can still have a beautiful relationship together....

    Again.. good luck...

  • I think it is extreamly helpful as well

  • Ok well where do I begin. A n*****? A f****** n***** that's right I said n*****. You are a filthy t*** who f*** n****** and let them c** in you c*** hole. You are a slob and should kill yourself. What you are going to have to do is teach the n***** baby when he is about 3 or 4 to start sucking d***. This will help him later in life when he becomes a typical lazy, dumb , crackhead n***** he can support himeself by providing suck jobs to wealthy business men to ne able to by crack.
    I had n******, jews, asains and the gays

  • You probably have aids on top of everything! I hope your family and friends all leave you. Thats what you deserve.

  • This is a difficult situation.. But you're not the first.. Most times the men never find out because the child is of the same race... In your case that's not possible... I feel for you....
    You will have to inform your husband... I hope and pray he will be understanding..... Good luck.
    Obviously you were missing something in your relationship that you looked elsewhere..
    I consider s** with someone else not really a bad thing... I wish more people would see s** in a different way... In present day times people put too much value on it... S** is nice.. But why only with one person? Are you hurting your partner if you occasionally have s** with someone else?
    Again, good luck...
    BTW, I respect that you choose to keep the baby... That takes guts.

  • ur husband will either suck up his pride an take care of it an everyone will feel sorry for him an think hes a little b****.or he will leave you............i hope he leaves you.

  • The OP is the man hating OP'er.

  • Well.. there was a consequence to your actions. And not just the baby. Look up adoption and abortion. You've earned it.

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